Introduction to Vatican Design: EXPOSED!
To set forth with keen awareness, that the imminent, literal, visible and personal return of Jesus Christ is at hand to wreck global vengeance on the counterfeit fraudulent kingdom of Pontifex Maximus.
Welcome to Vatican Design: EXPOSED! My name is John Daniel, and I am the sole creator and publisher of this web site. The content of the information contained on this web site is the sole responsibility of John Daniel, and any questions, comments, suggestions or objections concerning the content of information on this web site are to be addressed only to John Daniel.
Prepare to meet your GOD, the Creator and Sovereign GOD of the universe.

The second coming of Jesus Christ is at hand - in your lifetime - in this very generation! The very fact that the world today speaks of a New World Order while preparing for World War Three is conclusive evidence that we are living in the end time.

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